7 September, 2017

Phtovoltaic Park Son Quartera (Llucmajor)

Parque fotovoltaico Son Quartera (Llucmajor)

Photovoltaic Park Son Quartera (Llucmajor)


Name: Son Quartera

Operator entity: Parque fotovoltaico mediterraneo S.L.

Network Operator: Gesa Endesa S.A.

Site: Llucmajor(Mallorca)

Commissioning: 18 de Mayo 2017

Execution time: 6 meses

Technical Data

Nominal power of the installation: 2,27 MWp

Annual energy production: aprox. 4.086.000 kWh

Remuneration per kWh: 0,46 €

Annual remuneration: aprox. 1.879.560€

CO2 emissions avoided per year: 1.118.000 Kg./year

Number/ Type of modules: 5136-STP 170Wp, 8288-STP 180Wp

Investor: 276 Inversores SMC8000TL, 23 Inversores SMC3000TL

Type of construction: Key on hand

Inclination angle: 30º

Support technology: Fixed structure

Solar Energy Projects

We are an engineering company dedicated to the realization of Photovoltaic Park Projects, as well as self-consumption projects with solora plates. Our projects cover Majorca and part of Brazil.

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